Dating someone with a spinal cord injury

These groups are an excellent option when in-person groups are either too far away or when transportation is a challenge.To find a support group or counselor in your area, start with your State brain injury association.If you do not know how to reach your State brain injury association, you can either a) contact the Brain Injury Association of America (1–800–444–6443 or on the Web at b) use an online search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to find one by typing in “Brain Injury Association” and the name of your state.

After a TBI, survivors must focus their energy on getting better and developing new skills.

As a result, the assignment of responsibilities in the home must change.

These groups can help couples establish new friendships, find local information and resources, and provide time apart from their partner for reflection.

When local support groups are unavailable, try Web-based chat groups and support communities.

Seek out a counselor or psychotherapist who has expertise in brain injuries.

If there are no therapists locally with brain injury experience, couples should provide their therapist with information about injury and common relationship challenges that can accompany injury.The following life changes typically affect intimate relationships: Brain injury survivors often have new personality traits, challenges, fears, and limitations.Survivors are often surprised by how these changes also mean that they will feel and behave differently in their relationships.Therapy can give couples support and ideas to improve their specific situations.Different types of counseling are available, including individual counseling for either the survivor or partner, couples counseling, or family therapy.For example, a husband may make decisions about child care that his wife usually makes, or a wife may calm the family when everyone is upset, although that is something her husband has always done. Many people think only of talking when they hear the word “communication,” but couples are actually communicating through gestures, facial expressions, emotional reactions, and physical interactions as well.

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