Dating sugar mummy

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Dating sugar mummy

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he last time my mom came to Lagos she made puff-puff and I got a lot of requests to film a recipe.

Now on my trip to Warri I whipped out the camera and begged mummy to make puff-puff.

“What is less clear is how representative the population of Abusir el-Meleq is in terms of the ancient Egyptian population as a whole,” Buckley said.

“I would perhaps expect a slightly different genetic picture further south given what we know of the cultural and political differences between north and south …

The data should also allow them to begin estimating population sizes in the region.

“New high quality scientific investigations such as this are always welcome and valuable, and as the wider picture of ancient Egypt emerges we can integrate this new genetic data with the archaeological evidence available in order to tease out the true origins of the ancient Egyptians,” Buckley says.

DNA recovered from ancient Egyptian mummies is revealing the mosaic of cultures that came to dominate the region.

German researchers gathered genetic data from over 100 mummies stored in museum collections and analyzed it with updated sequencing techniques.

The samples came from bones, teeth and soft tissues, and the wealth of mummies allowed them to sift questionable data from their analysis.

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