Dating the age of tires

We also have some Tiburon Blue San Marcos framesets in 54, 57, and 59 cm. If you don't receive a response to your legitimate e-mail, you may have a spamblocker or filter of some kind that needs to be adjusted!

San Marcos lugged 650b frameset in Pearl Blue (last year's color, only one left in stock now) is 0 off - 0 shipped in the USA. We also have just a few SOMA Saga expedition-touring framesets, in British Racing Green, in 44 and 62 cm. E-mail is by far the best way to reach us - it's quick, and we can accept Pay Pal (which is the preferred method), a check, or a Money Order as payment. (To establish value, we recommend searching e Bay for similar items that have sold recently with the aid of good, clear photos).

For all of the above, plus a pair of shifter braze-ons, a pair of water-bottle braze-ons, top tube brake cable braze-ons (3), a chainrest braze-on, and a braze-on chainstay stop, add .00 for 'the works').

Pricing is $54.00 for the Phil, and $19.00 for the SOMA. We have the Rivendell Roll-y Poly 700 x 27 and Jack Brown 700 x 33 (Green) tires for $50.00 each, as well as the Grand Bois 700 x 26, 700 x 28, and 700 x 32 tires for $57.00 each.

Some 'Extra Leger' GB 700 x 23, 700 x 26, and 700 x 28 are also available for $76.00 each.

Additionally, at least five percent of the sales of this business (not of the profits, which can be 'cooked' to come out any way you want) go to worthy organizations such as: Doctors Without Borders (MSF), KIVA ZIP (a major Microloan underwriter), Keep a Child Alive (an Anti-Retroviral Medication provider), and others. S.: Stay tuned for more (current, but retro-themed and USA-made) silver-brazed, lugged steel, NOS Reynolds 531-tubed, non-oversized Heron framesets - due in early 2017.

Prototypes are undergoing real-world testing currently, and the design is now firm.

We have the 1010/B (short, no eyelets), and the 1010/A (long, no eyelets) versions in stock currently.

Model 1010 sets (long, with eyelets) are sometimes also available, please inquire. The black-oxide treated SOMA cogs look more "vintage." Both are very high quality.

We answer all non-spam e-mails, except valuation requests or questions relating to non-lightweight bikes.

We also don't know anything of significance about balloon-tired bikes, muscle bikes, mountain bikes, Campy parts newer than about 1987, index shifting, clipless pedals, or repainting / re-decaling bikes, sorry....

These are also available separately for .00/set of three.

NOS forged Campagnolo adjustable road dropouts (full sets of four, with adjusters) are also available for .00/set.

Fork blades are the early "Imperial Oval" (29 x 16) size, are about 370 mm long, and are pre-raked for about 40 mm of finished fork offset, but can be raked further.

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