Sexy teen chat logs - Dating the crucifixion of jesus

Jesus did not take all this punishment to condemn you: He took it all to save you.

Then they put a reed in His hand and they knelt before Him and they mocked Him and said to Him, "All Hail, King of the Jews," and they spit in His face, they hit His head with the reed, they slapped His face, and plucked His beard. It is normal for Jesus to be mocked by His enemies but it is more painful when Jesus is mocked by His own people.

Even today, my children, Christians mock Him by living in mortal sin, by receiving Communion in mortal sin, by not believing the truth contained in the scriptures which is the word of God.

John was the one who was going to take care of me after Jesus had risen from the dead.

Jesus said to them: My heart is sorrowful to the point of death: stay here and pray and keep watch while I go and pray by Myself." Jesus went over further to pray: He wanted to pray by Himself.

My children, Christians mock Jesus and crown Him with thorns when they invent their own doctrines at their convenience: when they use the gospel of my Son, they use it to justify their own teachings, their own doctrine.

My children, I call you to make reparation to my Son.

He felt lonely: my Son in His humanity felt a deeper sadness than anyone could ever feel because He was pure of heart: He was sinless.

He took His closest friends, Peter whom He was to give charge of the Church, James, and John.

His agony, His sorrow, and so much sinfulness caused the blood to burst from His forehead.

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