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Here’s a quick rundown of all the features packed into this not-so-modern technological marvel: The watch receives all of this data from the PC wirelessly. Although Bluetooth was invented the same year the Datalink was released, the first devices to use the now-ubiquitous wireless protocol were not released until 2000.

The Datalink’s wireless technology really has to be seen to be believed.

Their creativity and experimentation has helped them grow as a brand, and their consistently affordable prices have made them popular with watch fans looking for high quality at a rate that isn’t eye-watering.

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It’s even got the current field thoroughly beaten in at least one category: battery life.

With the brand offering a variety of beautifully crafted watches, including traditional analogue pieces and modern digital designs, Timex has managed to hold onto its distinct style while moving with the times and embracing new technology and features.

It’s like some crazy engineer’s hack, but instead of posting it on Reddit, Timex and Microsoft than the flat panels we’re used to using today.

Unfortunately if you haven’t upgraded your smartwatch since 1994, you haven’t been able to upgrade your monitor, either.

In fact, watches are such precious objects that many on the market come with a hefty four or five figure price tag.

We've put together a collection of some of our favourites at a more affordable price.Dating back to the 19th century, American brand Timex has a rich history and by the 60s, every third watch sold in the US was a Timex.In today's collection, the Weekender has a classic face and an array of strap options, while the rugged, adventure-ready Intelligent Quartz comes with extra features like a traditional chronograph, depth gauge, altimeter, compass or perpetual calendar.By the time the 70s rolled around however Timex had taken a dip again.Their contracts with various brands, including Disney, had ended, competition from modern watch companies had increased, and an ill-advised venture into home computers only caused the business to waver even more.The 80s turned things around though, with the brand focusing back on timepieces and nothing else, and improving functions such as battery life, style and water resistant properties.

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