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I mean, you wrote the sentence, “While knowing these guys are fuckboys, I do take some responsibility,” which right there shows that you are DELIGHTFUL. It’s like he could tell that I was happy and was like, “Oh hey can this dick show up and ruin your shit again plz?

” The question you need to ponder is less “how do I get a man to like me?

But I couldn’t stand the idea that, if I said it first, he would only say it back out of obligation. Look at this from the long view: What an individual man thinks of you has fuck all to do with your worth as a human. Maybe he doesn’t want to date you because he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend, or he hates sharing a bed, or he’s afraid of feelings, or he doesn’t know what he wants for breakfast let alone for the rest of his life, or because he’s moving , or because he doesn’t like the way you wear your hair.

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On our one year anniversary we were lying in bed and he finally told me he loved me and it released us both. You aren’t comfortable with feelings so you pursue men who won’t make you talk about your feelings, but when you do a Venn Diagram with “dudes who don’t want to know how you feel,” and “fuckboys” it’s just a damn circle. The idea of being rejected is so scary, but the real life experience of being rejected is less so.

I basically screamed back that I loved him too and then we held each other and giggled like idiots because we were finally free. These men ask nothing of you emotionally because they don’t want anything from you emotionally. You say, “I want to date just you,” he says, “I want to keep seeing other people,” and then you figure out that he’s not for you and you never really liked him anyway and you move on and spend your time on more worthy pursuits.

This would be fine, except it always comes as a total surprise to me and has happened after six months—when I’m still working up the courage to ask where we’re headed!

I take equal responsibility in this: I’ve been cheated on by every boyfriend I’ve ever had, I’m still carrying those scars, and I am very guarded about my emotions and also wary about starting a new relationship.

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I was so in love but I was so cautious, and protective, and wanted to make sure that he really, really felt the same way.

I decided that the best way to make sure that he felt the same way was to make sure that he said “I love you” first.

Self-esteem is based on the ego and the ego is vain and sensitive and impossible to keep happy.

If you base your self-worth on self-esteem, then you’re basing your self-worth on the external—what people think of you, what you have, what you’re going to get. Realize that you’re doing some hard ass work here and give yourself credit for being willing to do it.

But, equally, I don’t want to be ambushed after months of hanging out with someone.

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