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There are necked-down parts that fit into the top tube and down tube, like internal lugs.

Muller has a very detailed explanation of this process, in his superb article:.

So if the fast back tires were still being made in 77 it could be either one 77 or 67.

I also would like to know if there is a way to tell which decade.

The west winds are different colors on the inside for each decade whitish for 50s reddish for 60s black for 70s and pink for 90s up repo white walls.

[Sheldon wrote this article largely from memory, based on his long experience in the bicycle retail sector.

From on, several different coding systems were used, from which the manufacture date and often the assembly date can be decifered.

For pre Schwinns try taking out the crankset to check for a date code.Schwinn believes that learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage. Over the last century the bicycles, the designs, and the riders have evolved, but our desire, to inspire biking journeys and to help people make memories that last a lifetime, has remained strong.At Schwinn we believe no one can write your journey, only you can.His coverage is uneven, as he did not go so far as to research topics of which he had little personal knowledge.I leave the article largely as he wrote it, though I have run a spell check and made a few additions.Picked up a Schwinn Cruiser Supreme for the wife today for at a yard sale. The head badges continued to say Chicago because that's where the company's headquarters were located.

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