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What’s one of the most frequent lies men and women use?

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Even though you may believe that you’re being nicer to lie, you’re actually making things worse by keeping hope alive.

Keep in mind that someone leaving a date may go home, tell his friends about you, and look forward each day to the next time he gets to see you.

I met him online and specifically noted in my profile I was not interested in any game playing.

I made it clear I was looking for a long-term monogamous relationship.

I received this email from a woman who wanted to know, how do you deal with mind games in dating?

While the advice is for a woman, it applies to anyone who’s ever felt like the person they were dating was making them lose their mind.◊♦◊I recently dumped a guy I’d been dating for two months, as it seemed he was playing mind games with me, He only wanted to see me when it was convenient for him.Finally, cut to Friday or Saturday, and your date, it turns out, has made other plans.You feel frustrated because you’ve been strung along and left without plans at the last minute.We would have a great date one night, and the next night he would act very cold.In person, he’d say things like, “I really like you a lot”, “I enjoy your company, we have fun together”, and “You’re really easy to talk to”.He was casual about dating, and he was casual about your feelings.

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