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Invite everyone into your team or share each whiteboard separately - it's entirely up to you.To avoid copying the DLL, you could add the Structure to your project and have VS automatically copy it to the output upon building Assembly A.

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Mail to send messages – so it wont work with Implicit SSL.

If that's the case, then it's easy to include the assembly that's supposed to go in the GAC in the project, and it will install it there if it isn't present.

To answer your question, though, assembly binding and loading are somewhat nuanced, but the rule is that an assembly is loaded the first time a type that is contains is loaded.

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Calls cost 36p per min plus your network access charge.

Also unknown is why the pair had ordered three stoves for £4,000 and why they had hired the jet to fly them from Blackpool to the Hertfordshire village of Elstree - home of the famous TV and movie studios.

Details of the antics of railway worker Abernathy, 46, and jobless 35-year-old Darroch emerged at Burnley Crown Court, where a judge exclaimed: 'Good Heavens' when told of their extravagant spending spree.

He explained he couldn't get the adhesive to stick, so she tried her iron.

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