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Not only are carnivores critical to the long-term viability of ecosystems, their presence is also a strong indicator of healthy prey populations.

As they face a combination of threats — retaliatory killings by livestock Read More Education is not only a systematic approach to gaining knowledge, but it is also a source of empowerment.

With loss of habitat and prey, carnivores—like cheetahs and wild dogs—are hunting community livestock.

As a result, farmers are forced to kill these species.

Shifting weather patterns have complex impacts on natural systems, many of which are the cornerstone of Africa’s economic developments as it grows rapidly.

The continent’s biodiversity is a vital natural resource at stake as overall temperatures rise.

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) is a non-profit association that provides education, networking, product sourcing and discounts, and consumer public relations to grow the specialty toy industry.

ASTRA is the largest association serving the specialty toy industry and thrives on the communication and cooperation of its members including retailers, manufacturers and sales representatives.

Ethiopia’s highlands are among the most densely populated agricultural areas in Africa.

Agriculture is the major source of livelihood for communities living here, but shifting cultivation, overgrazing and agricultural expansion are putting serious strain on the surrounding...

The unfortunate reality is a high percentage of individuals in rural Africa do not have access to a quality education and are being left behind.

The Read More Wildlife trafficking keeps the poaching industry alive.

Located in a remote part of the forest in northwest DRC, Ilima’s community school rarely attracted the best teachers. Read more African Wildlife Foundation is devoted entirely to, and ever-present in, African wildlife conservation and sustainable development—recognizing and responding to critical threats in a multifaceted way.

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