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Having read literally tons of relationship advice from experts around the world, I have scoured the material looking for something about why men cheat that makes sense.

(As a meaningless aside – he’s very cute.)He broke the question of why men cheat down psychologically so masterfully, I had to share his wisdom with you immediately! So, in a relationship – there is often comfort in sticking with the status quo.


A lot of men don’t relish the idea of being alone and that’s why they cheat.

Third, the human condition often presents a simple lack of courage.

It doesn’t answer why it happened to you or why he chose her.

But this review can help you get a clearer picture of what was going on in his head in terms of why cheat rather than just leave you. Now that you have some reasons, I’m hoping it will help to lessen the pain and confusion.

Fascinating, funny and heartfelt, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magnet is a triumph of the human spirit and proof that love is possible at any age-as long as you're willing to embrace it.

Stone's tongue-in-cheek "Babe Magnet" persona turns out to be merely the vehicle he uses to find the last great love of his life.A man would be more inclined to leave if he knew he had options.He’d feel braver knowing there was another woman he could leave for.Trust me, I have had male clients lamenting over catching their woman in bed with another man (or woman).If you’ve had a cheating man in your life, I hope reading through these reasons has helped you understand how such a travesty could happen.Told as a humorous memoir, the book is an entertaining self-help guide to dating for men.

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