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’ But that didn’t work out very well.” In fact, only a few days earlier, the shutterbug had reminded an astounded Christine Mc Vie of their typical post-concert conversation as they returned to their hotel each night: NICKS: “Do you want to come over to my suite? She’s amazed that no hotel chain ever commented on her strange nocturnal hobby.

And I’d be blasting music, like Led Zeppelinor something, and I’d be singing, and suddenly it would be five o’clock, and I’d go ‘Okay—time for bed.’ Because I could sleep until one, and that would be eight hours.

And either I’d get the picture, or I wouldn’t, and I’d cut up all the really bad ones and throw them away.

She first started experimenting with a Polaroid camera in high school, she says. And then I would have a tripod with a long, long extension cord with a button.

Everyone in class had one, and part of the thrill of using one was the instant gratification involved. Then I’d put a plant or something sitting on the chair, just to get it focused.

“And I had a lot of hats that folded up, that I could just store in a suitcase, so I had a lot of little props that I traveled with.

So in a lot of my pictures—and some pictures where I actually did get people to sit for me—everybody is wearing all these same hats.

The world-traversing jaunt also features a rejuvenated Christine Mc Vie on keyboards, back after a 16-year semi-retirement.

Then there’s 24 Karat Gold, also produced by Stewart and tracked in three rapid-fire weeks in Nashville, using straightforward session vets.

Over the next three years, rock’s grande dame would go on to: release a documentary video, also titled In Your Dreams; appear on NBC’s snarky sitcom Up All Night, trilling duets with its stars Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegateand appear on another Murphy project, the camp-creepy American Horror Story: Coven, sporting her fabled circa-1920s top hat she employs onstage to portray a non-practicing keyboardist witch who serenades its star Jessica Lange with “Rhiannon,” “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?

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