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O'Keefe Adrian O'Keeffe Harry Olins George Olmsted, Jr.

Thomas Trigg *Chaplin Tyler Samuel Wakeman Martin F.

I, II, III Principles of Computer Programming I, Technical Elective Total A. degree 96 Note: Associate degree graduates may transfer applicable credits toward th requirements in other Lincoln College programs leading to the Associate I Engineering, Associate in Science, or Bachelor of Engineering Technology degreets; binary operations; mappings; rings, integers, fields; rationals; reals, )ases for computer applications; Euclidean algorithm; primes.

6 Semiconductor Physics and Devices 4 Electronics I, II 8 Gross Anatomy and General Physiology I, II, III 6 Fourth Year Bioelectronic Devices I, II, III Bioelectronic Lab. ,0.362 Modern Algebra II (2 cl., 2 q.h.) 'ield of complex number; groups; subgroups; polynominal rings; homomor- ihisms; isomorphisms; ideals.

Hli 8 4 12 Third Year Circuit Theory IV, Electrical Measurements and Electronic Lab. 10.363 Modern Algebra III (2 cl., 2 q.h.) 'ector spaces; linear transformations; dependence, independence; dimension pplications to engineering, science, and business. Look at algebraic theory of linear systems, 'rereq. 0.391 Mathematics — A (3 cl., 3 q.h.) lethods and applications of algebra; graphical techniques. (No credit to students who have passed 10.327, r 10.328, or 10.335). Calculus of inverse trigonometric functions; lechniques of integration; polar coordinates; the conic sections; vectors in a ||)lane; indeterminate forms, L'Hospital's rule.

Course Number 10.307, 10.308 10.320 11.317, 11.318, 11.319 03.301, 03.302, 03.303 09.307, 09.308, 09.309 10.321, 10.322, 10.323 12.507, 12.508, 12.509 03.304, 03.306, 03.323 11.320 03.311,03.312 18.507, 18.508, 18.509 03.351,03.352,03.353 03.357, 03.358, 03.359 09.351, 09.352, 09.353 First Year Course College Algebra and Trigonometry I, II Calculus I Physics I, II, III Second Year Circuit Theory 1, II, III Electrical and Electronic Graphics, I, II, III Calculus, II, III, IV 'Modern Chemistry I, II, III Q. i .0.364 Modern Applied Algebra (4 cl., 4 q.h.) I itroduce the language of abstract algebra to the following topics: graphs, finite ; tate machines, programming languages, Boolean Algebra, lattices, coding for ommunication channels and radar. (No credit to students who have passed 10.329.) 'rereg. 0.401 Foundations of Mathematics 1 (2 cl., 2 q.h.) I See General Interest Courses, pages 152-153.) 1 0.402 Foundations of Mathematics II (2 cl., 2 q.h.) ISee General Interest Courses, pages 152-153.) i] .0.403 Foundations of Mathematics III (2 cl., 2 q.h.) See General Interest Courses, pages 152-153.) to.421 Calculus — A (4 cl., 4 q.h.) (Day Curriculum) j^pplications of derivatives to curve-sketching; antidifferentiation; the definite in- legral, with applications; calculus of non-algebraic functions — logarithmic, ii Xponential, and trigonometric. 128 / DESCRIPTION OF COURSES 10.422 Calculus — B (3 cl., 4 q.h.) (Day Curriculum Calculus of functions of several variables, partial differentiation, multiple in tegrals, infinite series.

Classes begin Columbus Day Observed Veterans Day Observed Thanksgiving Recess Final Examination Period For Fall Quarter - p.m. No Classes No Classes No Classes Tuesday, September 17 and Monday, September 23 Monday, September 16, and Monday, September 23 September 30 Monday, October 14 Monday, October 28 Thursday-Saturday, November 28-30 Monday, December 16- Saturday, December 21 Winter Quarter 1974-1975 Classes Begin Wednesday, January 6, 1975 WINTER REGISTRATION DATES Boston - p.m.

Christmas Vacation No Classes Winter Quarter Classes Begin Washington's Birthday Observed Final Examination Period for Winter Quarter No Classes Monday-Friday, December 16-20 Tuesday and Thursday, December 17 and 19 Monday-Thursday, December 16-19 Monday-Thursday, December 16-19 Monday and Tuesday, December 16-17 Monday and Wednesday, December 16 and 18 Monday and Tuesday, December 16 and 17 Monday and Tuesday, December 16—17 Monday-Thursday, December 16-19 Monday, December 23- Saturday, January 4 Wednesday, January 6 Monday, February 17 Monday, March 24— Saturday, March 29 H\ Spring Quarter 1975 SPRING REGISTRATION DATES ACADEMIC CALENDAR / 7 Classes Begin Monday, April 7, 1975 Boston Boxford (Masconomet) Burlington Framingham North H.

In all matters involving admission, registration, and all official relation- ships with students, including evaluation of academic performance, the Univer- ; ity insists on a policy of nondiscrimination.

18 Equal Opportunity Policy Northeastern University is committed to a policy of providing equal opportunity or all.

Stearns, Honorary Vice Chairman Class of 1974 David H.

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