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Perhaps your plugin has many mappings that would be tedious for a user to set up manually (like my Threesome plugin), or its mappings are mnemonic and wouldn’t really make sense if mapped to other keys.

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Delicious hotlist not updating

My Gundo plugin has only one feature that needs to be mapped to a key in order to make it useful: the “toggle Gundo” action.

Gundo doesn’t map this key itself, because no matter what “default” mapping I pick someone will have already mapped it.

A couple of people have asked me if I’d write a guide to creating Vim plugins.

I don’t feel confident enough to write an official “guide”, but I do have some advice for Vim plugin authors that might be useful.

The rule of thumb you should follow is: if a user uses this plugin on a daily basis and has its usage burned into their muscle memory, updating the plugin should not make them relearn anything.

A fast, simple, easy way to document your plugin’s state is to use semantic versioning.

Semantic versioning is simply the idea that instead of picking arbitrary version numbers for releases of your project, you use version numbers that describe the backwards-compatible state in a meaningful way.

In a nutshell, these rules describe how you should select version numbers for new releases: This simple scheme makes it easy for users to tell (in a broad sense) what has changed when they update your project.

Later I’ll talk about one possible solution to this ugliness.

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