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" "Thanks but how about I see them on you first, that okay? " I begun to kick off my adidas runners, he came and stood beside me, "Here let me help" He placed his foot between my feet and we kicked off each others shoes and I slipped my feet into the Nike. they look hot on you Brandon, I'll take them" "Uhm thanks" I started to ring them up on the till, "Put a pair on there for yourself" "Huh" "It's good of you to stay back for me, let me buy a pair for you they really suit you" "I can't do that" "Yeah you will, no two ways about it" I rung up a second pair "So your looking at six seventy" He handed me his card and I balanced off.

"Job done" I reached to take the shoes off, "Keep them on" I looked over at him .

Just to give you a quick run down on me before I begin, I am 6ft, medium build with blonde spikey hair, brown eyes, size 10feet, nineteen, horny and the name is Brandon, I work in a shoe clothing outlet in Sydney city and share a 3 bedroom house with another gay guy a couple of years older than myself just on the edge of the city. I was closing up the shop when he walked in, it was just before 9pm on a Friday evening. " he sounded english I looked up and saw him standing there in the doorway, "Can I come in?

" "Yea sure I haven't balanced the till yet" He was probably around 5ft 10 with dark shaven hair, fair skin and medium build, dressed in a pair of black trackies and a white hoodie and looked around my age, with large piercings through the top of his ears, one on his lip from what I could see. " "Just after a new pair of joggers and some trackies" "No sweat have a look around, you paying card or cash?

"Hey you reckon you got these in a size ten and half?

" I looked up over the counter and saw he had one of the green and black Nike TN in his hands.

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Our dominatrix chat ladies come clad in leather and latex, ready to make you submit. We have ladies who are mistresses of the whip and when they hit, they hit hard!

"Stay there, I'll be back in a sec" He walked off in just his white socks, when he returned he had the other adidas shoe in his hand, he put it on and slipped the other one on also.

"Get down on the floor, I still want that foot massage" He leant back on the bench out back in front of me and placed one foot on my crutch. sounds like you're enjoying it" I looked up at him and smiled "So how about licking it then!

I begun to massage his foot and slipped off the other shoe with my teeth also and inhaled his sweaty scent. " I kept on going and he pushed his sock in to my mouth. He stood up above me one foot on my chest the other in my mouth.

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