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For more information, see How to: Create a UI Type Editor.

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Tasks illustrated in this walkthrough include: When you are finished, your custom control will look something like the following: For the complete code listing, see How to: Create a Windows Forms Control That Takes Advantage of Design-Time Features.

Note The dialog boxes and menu commands you see might differ from those described in Help depending on your active settings or edition.

In the case of the A designer verb is a menu command linked to an event handler.

Designer verbs are added to a component's shortcut menu at design time. You will add two designer verbs to your designers: Run Test and Stop Test.

For this example, the Visible and Enabled properties will be shadowed by the Adhering to these rules ensures that all designers in the design-time environment have a consistent view of all components being designed.

The Component Designer class provides a dictionary for managing the values of shadowed properties, which relieves you of the need to create specific instance variables. Most of the design-time functionality is inherited from the Document Designer class; your code will implement two specific customizations: handling component changes, and adding designer verbs. The design-time environment offers a convenient service, IComponent Change Service, for tracking changes to component state.

To implement the periodic animation feature, you will use Background Worker objects from the System. You could use Timer objects, but when many control, changing their interaction with the design environment.

Intercepting calls to a component's property accessor is known as "shadowing." It allows a designer to track the value set by the user and optionally pass that value to the component being designed.

I've seen numerous threads on the subject but none of the solutions work for me (clean/rename/delete/recreate/etc).

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