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April 2017 was warmer than average, according to NOAA.

Detroit's average high temperature on April 1 is 53 degrees, but given most baseball games are played in the evening, an average first-pitch temperature for the Tigers in early April would likely be in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees.

In fact, you may need to journey through the story 3-4 times before you’ve seen the majority of it.

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And my goodness, we need to talk about Detroit’s endings, because they are emotional, varied, and incredibly climactic. you’re likely to have an ending that felt fitting for the way you played.

It’s very possible to die during the second half of Detroit. While Connor continues to be replaced each time he is killed, Kara and Markus have no such luxury, so once Markus crawls out of that pit, and once Kara flees Todd’s house with Alice…

they can and will die if you make the wrong decisions. The endings you get very much depend on how you play the game, and whether you fail or complete certain tasks along the way.

I believe if you work in the business of news and entertainment, using your voice to help charitable causes is the most rewarding thing you can do and I love working with so many of them in Metro-Detroit.

Angels of Hope, Gleaners, Michigan Urban Farming, Capuchin Soup kitchen, The Detroit Children's center and the Zetterberg foundation are just a few. It's a way for me to take kids with chronic or terminal illness to Walt Disney World at Christmas.

In 2010 I started hosting morning at the legendary Detroit radio station 100.3 WNIC, and yes we are Detroit's Christmas station every year.

I currently pull double duty now running down the hall at Fox 2 to also host Jay Towers in the Morning from the new WNIC – Fox 2 radio studio.

It features Andy Hartup, who handled the review, and Jess Kinghorn from our sister publication Official Play Station Magazine.

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