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Go back to (former chief) William Parker, who created a paramilitary police force, then to (Parker's successor) Daryl Gates, who sat at his very knee and learned how to police this large area with very few officers. This is where Marcia Clark miscalculated, and as a result we ended up picking the same kind of jurors.It's hard to find any black mother in Los Angeles whose son, husband, brother or friend hasn't had a terrible experience with the LAPD.

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Q: Do you think the LAPD is a typical police department or an aberration? I mean, imagine how Fuhrman existed for 20 years in that department. You don't have to go the rest of it." Now in the civil trial, (plaintiff attorney Daniel) Petrocelli is trying to move the line back, but there's not enough time -- in fact, they're going to run out of time; it won't work. Q: But in the criminal trial you did prefer African Americans as jurors.

A: I think the LAPD has more problems than the average department because of its peculiar history. I think any jury who really looks at the timing will see that Simpson couldn't have done it. Q: When you say "any jury," you mean a jury that could be predominantly white or predominantly black? A: I felt African Americans had to have some life experiences that would lead them to question the official view.

A: I didn't think a lot about their feelings for Nicole. Simpson, that they would identify with his family and his background -- the good parts about it.

I liked these ladies because I thought they knew the history. And I thought they would be turned off somewhat by Marcia's stridency, on occasion.

I mean, there's a lot of history with the LAPD that the prosecution forgot.

Q: What did you think of Marcia Clark as a prosecutor?

Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman After her much publicized split with actor Tom Cruise, it was pretty safe to say that Nicole Kidman was open to trying new things, including black men.

During the listening party for his album “Of course, this being star central, you couldn’t only ask Q-Tip about music.

Jurors want courtroom lawyers to have some compassion and be nice. He would come in every day and say to the jury, "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen," and walk right up to them, and (Judge Lance) Ito would allow it. But the prosecution team was hard -- nasty to us, nasty to everybody.

Q: Did you think that black women on the jury disliked Nicole Brown Simpson and would therefore dislike Marcia Clark?

And while this isn’t a unusual occurrence in this fabulous media world in which I inhabit, this new accounting addition is a little different. Over the last week, necklines have slowly been descending to nigh-on navel, and there’s enough lip-gloss going around to reconstitute back into a whale.

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