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I can't recommend a night at Club Pedestal enough – it's the ultimate girl's night out." I felt obliged to check it out and report back to my fellow sisters.In my experience I have found that there are two subjects that seem to make people lose their minds like no others when discussed, these are: sex lives and race.I later have a conversation with the black man and it turns out that this is his first time too.

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She replied: “I know what you are saying but you have to leave all of that at the door. “Most of the black people on the scene are ‘dom’ though so they don’t get whipped but they do the whipping. I get what you’re saying.” I go back to the bar when one woman lends me her ‘slave’ and he gives me a massage.

I try not to think about any of that stuff.” I asked her if anybody comes in that wants to indulge in ‘race play'. He tries to interrupt our conversation and I tell him to be quiet, which I would have done in or out of this club to be fair. Despite the fact that I am often described as an ‘alpha female’ this type of thing has never appealed to me mainly because my battles for equality have taken place in real life settings like working in a male prison, as a female on the comedy circuit or trying to have my voice heard in a world that often silences and erases the experiences of women of colour like me.

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The sight of a grown man on all fours being dragged around on a leash by a woman in broad daylight in Farringdon last week certainly raised some eyebrows. Actress Eden Avital Alexander, the woman who dragged the suited man around, filled us in when she said it was all part of an acting project that concentrated on audience reactions.

I had originally taken my shoes off but decided that I would put them back on.

I was wearing 4 inch heel thigh high boots and I went back into the trampling cage and stood on throats and groins to provoke a reaction.

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A white lady hands me a whip and tells me to beat the black man standing next to me.

I look her in the eye and point blank refuse to do it as the scene from 12 Years A Slave where Solomon is told to whip Patsy runs through my mind.

They were secretly filming the reactions of passersby, the best to be edited into a three-minute montage.

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