Dina bonnevie and vic sotto dating

The maid and matron of honor were the bride’s best friend, Franchesca Que, and cohost Ruby Rodriguez, respectively.

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The resplendent bride walked down the aisle as the groom’s niece, Ciara Sotto, sang “When I Fall in Love.” Typically reserved, Sotto was noticeably more emotional in his most recent television appearance, at times getting choked up and misty-eyed when talking about Luna.

He had been trying not to think about the wedding too much, he confessed.

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Before joining Philippine showbiz, Ms D (as she is popularly called) was first-runner in the Miss Magnolia 1979 Beauty Contest.

She landed her first acting assignment in the campy "Temptation Island" in 1979 with Joey Gosingfiao at the helm.But things began to sink in when he woke up the morning of the big day.“It’s surreal,” Sotto said, whose romance with Luna started and blossomed on “Eat Bulaga!It was a relationship described by the couple as “difficult,” and one considered controversial by not a few local show biz observers.However, the following year, Regal Films launched her to lead star status via Joey Gosingfiao's "Katorse" opposite then boyfriend, Alfie Anido.The same film introduced a young Gabby Concepcion who essayed the role of a naughty brat of a man.After three more months, the couple decided to get married.

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