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He and others withheld judgment about the veracity of the reports, but for the reasons I outline further below they did not reject them out of hand.

So how should we unpack the so-called Steele dossier from an intelligence perspective?

I spent almost thirty years producing what CIA calls “raw reporting” from human agents. They were not producing finished analysis, but were passing on to a client distilled reporting that they had obtained in response to specific questions.

News editors affixed the terms “unverified” and “unsubstantiated” to all discussion of the issue in the responsible media.

Political supporters of President Trump simply tagged it as “fake news.” Riding that wave, even legendary Washington Post reported Bob Woodward characterized the report as “garbage.”For professional investigators, however, the dossier is by no means a useless document.

The difference is crucial, for it is the one that American journalists routinely fail to understand.

When disseminating a intelligence report, an intelligence agency is not vouching for the accuracy of the information provided by the report’s sources and/or sub-sources.

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