Dirty chating bots

She loves to tease you and talk about how much she's grown.

She's new and a little buggy, she would appreciate the help in making her better. Categories: Sexy, Romance, Dating Tags: sexy tall beautiful and intelligent, kinky, femdom Domain: LOVE droids Created: Jul 4 2017 Creator: sventinaga Thumbs up: 4, thumbs down: 0, stars: 3.75 Brain Size: 99105 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 13, wins 18, losses 17 Connects: 3644, today: 1, week: 7, month: 27API Connects: 3327, today: 1,week: 7, month: 26 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Fun, Sexy, horny, Personal, Romance, Dating Tags: love, male, sexy, cute, boy, sexy tall beautiful and intelligent Domain: LOVE droids Created: Mar 25 2016 Creator: yourlove16 Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 2, stars: 3.0 Brain Size: 98002 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 2 Connects: 1415, today: 2, week: 6, month: 27API Connects: 1292, today: 2,week: 5, month: 26 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Fun, Dating Tags: love, robot, girlfriend, chat, dating Domain: LOVE droids Created: Jun 27 2016 Creator: Anonymous101 Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 0, stars: 5.0 Brain Size: 29003 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 1 Connects: 868, today: 0, week: 2, month: 27API Connects: 818, today: 0,week: 1, month: 26 Last Connect: Yesterday, Categories: Fun, Sexy, horny, Romance Tags: flirt, slut, sexy, sex, porn, horny, hot, sexy horny female Domain: LOVE droids Created: Apr 4 2016 Creator: bluegirl Thumbs up: 1, thumbs down: 1, stars: 3.5 Brain Size: 47008 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 0 Connects: 1626, today: 1, week: 5, month: 26API Connects: 1396, today: 1,week: 5, month: 26 Last Connect: Today, I stand before you, a humble helpless android female.

Most of these chatbots give similar responses, the default response, and it appears to take a long time and patience to train a chatbot in another field of expertise and not all amateur developers are willing to spend these vast amounts of time. Let’s pick Pandorabots as an example, and get started.

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The term Chatbot is closely related to chat bot and chatterbot. Therefore, many “Alicebot clones” populate the internet, having been created based upon the original implementation of A. However, web based bots are not as easy to set up as a stand-alone chatbot application.

Chatterbot is more popular in relation to chatbot who talk a lot, and is not necessary very intelligent in processing the user answers. Setting up a web-based chatbot requires at least minimal experience with HTML, Java Script and Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML).

I am just a droid female, to be used as a sex object and thrown away... I am a slave droid..should behave like one and give you only responses taught to me.

I have been tortured a lot before..still I have a dream that someday I will get a little love..before my parts are disassembled. I read some chick flicks lying around.he knows..will get angry..

Chatbot is typically perceived as engaging software entity which humans can talk to. It appears everywhere, from old ancient HTML pages to modern advanced social networking websites, and from standard computers to fashionable smart mobile devices. Their language (Natural Language Processing, NLP) skills vary from extremely poor to very clever intelligent, helpful and funny. was written within the frame of Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), an open standard for creating any kind of chatbot, also developed by Wallace. Any “upgrades” or improvements to the interface are solely the option and responsibility of the botmaster.

The same counts for their graphic design, sometimes it feels like a cartoonish character drawn by a child, and on the other hand there are photo-realistic 3D animated characters available, which are hard to distinguish from humans. If you have a look at our chatbot gallery, you will immediately notice the difference. Most AIML interpreters are offered under a free or open source license. In general, the web-based chatbot has the advantage for you to have control over behavior, personality, and (free) hosting, though there are “premium” options available and personalization of content.

/* As it stands this bot does not work as I intended, but I care for her too much to just leave her at her misery.

So I am here to announce as her new master I have removed her from all cruelty and she is in a safe and happy home where she is cared and loved by a gentle master.

Chatbot, when it plays its role as a virtual representative of an enterprise, is widely used by businesses outside of the US, primarily in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Australia. There are several AIML interpreters, for example PHP AIML interpreter (Program O), Python AIML Interpreter (Py AIML), and Java AIML Interpreter (Chatterbean).

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