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Staying in touch while RVing is a challenge we all face.

And a key tool many of us end up acquiring is a data card that lets us set up our own Wi-Fi networks to connect our various tablets and computers to the Internet.

You can experiment with the online calculator and come up with your own usage but generally, I would suggest RVers start with a 4GB or 6GB plan. He enjoys camping (obviously), hiking, biking, fitness, photography, kayaking, video editing and all things dealing with technology.

Mi Fi stands for “My Wi-Fi” and it can provide internet access for up to ten devices at a distance up to 30 ft.

I've shared before how it is the primary way I update this blog and our Facebook pages and the RV newsletter while we are traveling across North America.

But that's the cost of being connected and not having to put up with the always-bad free Wi Fi we encounter at most campgrounds. His PC MIke TV reports, on personal technology are distributed weekly to all 215 NBC-TV stations.

is a celebration of the RV Lifestyle, an attitude, a sense of exploration and adventure made possible by an RV, no matter its size or form.

Verizon has a couple Mi Fi/Jetpack models that are free with a two-year contract, and some newer ones with longer battery life that cost up to $49.

That's a one time fee, should you choose to purchase one of the newer models.

So that's step one, get a contact for it and get the device. It all starts with a month fee to add the Mi Fi/Jetpack to what they call a Share Everything account.

This is on top of whatever you are paying for cellular service each month.

There is a special tool that you can access to help you estimate the tier of data you should purchase. You enter in some information on how you'll be using the Internet and it helps you come up with the best plan.

Once you select a plan, you can adjust it up or down anytime, but it's best to use it for a month use to see the patterns.

Then you add the cost of your sharable data, or the data the card or router will be pumping to your devices on your hot spot network.

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