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Divorce is also frequently very frightening for both parents who do not know what their lives and their children's lives will be like after the divorce.Dealing with their parents' feelings and emotions of fear and anger can sometimes prove challenging for children going through a divorce.

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In our firm, we frequently refer clients to a child specialist to help with designing a parenting plan to give each parent access to the children, consistent with the history of parenting and the child's developmental needs.

This enables parents to maintain control of their case while making the best decisions for their children.

It is reassuring to a child to know that his or her parents still talk about the child and what is going on with him or her.

If a child's emotional distress becomes concerning, Littman Family Law can refer you to a child therapist for professional assistance.

With each new developmental stage, they have new questions and worries. D., a leading divorce researcher and coauthor of What About the Kids?

That's because divorce plants a persistent fear in children, no matter how old they are: "If one parent can leave another, it's only natural for a child to wonder, 'How do I know they won't leave me? Raising Your Children Before, During, and After Divorce.

The way parents handle the separation and treat each other in their interactions can make a big difference in how children adjust during and after their parents' divorce.

Each child is unique, but children often have similar responses when dealing with their parents' breakup, states Web MD. They usually have difficulty understanding the complexities of divorce, so they often cope by becoming more dependent on their parents and other adults they trust.

For example, a child who hasn't wet the bed for months may suddenly start having accidents in the middle of the night.

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