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What rates do the dealers choose to profit by foreign currency transactions?

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There are no changes in prices for food and drinks.

- Some changes in the oil and machinery prices, boss. I quote the prices and we decide to increase the volume of our transactions in oil and machinery.

Secondly, the importer sells his own currency and purchases the exporter's. Usually the tanks buy and sell currency for their clients.

When they buy and sell goods they change money from one currency to another. First, the importer can may in his own currency and the exporter changes it on the international currency market.

Exchange brokers and dealers deal in foreign exchange (Forex) transactions.

The international currency market consists of a net of international banks.

, Two hundred and twenty-six, four thousand five hundred and sixty-eight pounds ten shillings and three pence, May the fifteenth, nineteen forty-eight.

About information on their latest transaction in Guatemala.

For example, one day the exchange rate is 0.520-pound sterling to a dollar, another day it is 0.520-pound sterling to a dollar. Do the importers and exporters use the same currency?

The exchange rates change /or fluctuate/ from day to day.

Canada ships its wheat to Argentina and Argentina sells its meat to Canada.

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