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A ‘good relationship’ means different things to different people.

“I don’t want this to be exclusive…” was the last thing I wanted to hear. “It’s not that there’s anything wrong with you, it’s just that I don’t want to get into a relationship.” Sure, that made all the difference. I’d never been in that situation before and it was going to be interesting.

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If there is something in your relationship that is difficult or painful to talk about to each other, consider seeing a counsellor.

A counsellor can be of great value to help you talk things through, particularly if you are going over old terrain and each of you is feeling isolated, disappointed or hurt by the lack of progress.

" It doesn't mean that they arrived at the dance together, or that they'll go home together, just that, for the moment, for the purpose of your comment, they are two-of-a-kind.

But when we say something like "Bill and Jane are a couple," or "Tom and Linda have been a couple for several months now," we mean that it's not unusual to see the two of them together.

Most couples want to have a successful and rewarding relationship, yet it is normal for couples to have ups and downs.

To meet these challenges, and to keep your relationship healthy and happy, you need to work at it.

Relationships are like bank accounts – if there are fewer deposits than withdrawals, you will run into difficulties.

Tips that may help you improve your relationship (and be better prepared to meet the challenges along the way) include: In a long-term relationship, it’s easy to assume you know all there is to know about your partner. Try to be aware of what is happening in your relationship and understand who your partner is and where they are at. It is really important to stay up to date about your partner.

By doing this, you’re not only giving your relationship a chance to grow to its full potential, but you’re also forcing you to confront and overcome your insecurities and move towards your true potential.

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