Does updating your iphone delete data

Once you’ve ensured you have enough i Cloud storage, try backing up your i Phone again by following the steps above.

Another possible solution when your i Phone won’t backup to i Cloud is to sign out of and back into i Cloud on your i Phone.

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If your i Phone wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi, you could burn through your entire wireless data plan overnight.

Even if you have unlimited data, it’s usually slower than Wi-Fi and the backup could literally take days to complete.

When you sign back in with your i Phone, all of your data will automatically redownload to your i Phone. If you’re still having issues backing up you i Phone, it’s time to reset your i Phone’s settings.

This process won’t wipe any content from your phone — only the system settings like Wi-Fi network passwords, accessibility settings, etc.

Try updating your device again using the same network.

If you still see one of these messages, try updating your device using another network or update your device with i Tunes.The message says that you’ll be removing (or deleting) data from your i Phone.I completely understand the apprehension a lot of people feel when they see it, but there’s nothing to worry about.This can fix any verification issues that may be causing i Cloud backups to not work.A few readers have asked about the pop-up that appears on your i Phone when you sign out of i Cloud.If your device still doesn't have enough space, you can use i Tunes to update your device.

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