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• A Dom/me understands E/each partner gains most from pleasuring the O/other and B/both of T/them that love and trust are the only bindings that truly hold.

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Always ask to enter a room, whether it is a Master/Mistress room or a public room. Their submissive responds to Them out of the want of pleasing Them.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between the lifestyle and the fetish.

Compliance comes from the wanting to please, not the fear of punishment.

• To win a submissive’s mind, body, spirit, soul and love, A Dom/me knows They must first win their trust.

• A Dom/me would never ask a submissive to put Them before their career, or family just to satisfy Their own pleasure.

• A Dom/me proves to Their submissive that They are someone they can lean on and depend on. • Never does a Dom/me use discipline without a good reason.

• A Dom/me is romantic enough to be protective and chivalrous, When called upon, They will fight for Their submissive’s honor.

• A Dom/me must always show them that Their guidance and tutoring is knowledgeable and deserving of their attention, that this is a person they can leran from and that they can trust Their direction.

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