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A number of unidentified women naked in a group shower, the camera at waist level so that we see plenty of bare buns and bush while the girls walk around and stand under the running water in this opening credits sequence.

Helene Zimmer lying completely nude on her back on a bed, her legs spread as she puts one hand down between her legs to rub and finger herself in explicit detail as lightning flashes outside.

Helene Zimmer putting a guy's hand on her breast and letting him squeeze it through her dress before she pulls off her panties, hikes up her dress to reveal her bush and places his hand between her legs.

Helene Zimmer standing completely nude beside a bed, showing breasts and bush before turning around and showing her butt as she climbs onto the bed.

She then stops him and turns around, kneeling down in front of him and giving him an explicit blow job for a while.

Deborah Revy standing completely naked in a shack as a guy opens the door and encounters her.

Kim Cattrall & Kaki Hunter PORK's Great all-around nudity & sex Kim Cattrall Not only does kim show off her breasts, buttocks and vagina, she has plenty of friends.

The shower scene is famous, great rear and full frontal views. Kaki Hunter as one of about a half dozen fully nude girls in a locker room shower as some guys watch through peepholes in the wall.Deborah Revy entering a bedroom fully nude, crawling onto the bed where a guy is lying and going down on him and jerking him off for a while.She then climbs onto his lap and has explicit sex with him.Similar to earlier scenes featuring the same girls, but this time the view is a bit more open and we can see their breasts as well as buns and bushes.A few unknown girls showing full nudity as they towel off and slip on sexy underwear in a locker room.She slowly leans forward to give him a kiss, as the breasts gets out of view.

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