Double your dating audiobook rapidshare

This also works in reverse, where if you adopt body language that reflects confidence and positivity, your internal state will start to reflect this.

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The Flow first covers mindsets, attitudes and how to apply what you learn, before diving into the techniques and methods of how to meet and attract women.

There's some good information here, although some of it is easier to implement than others.

Most of the examples revolve around approaching women in a bar, but there's also suggestions for a bookshop and supermarket.

The ideas for these last two are fairly average and I would've liked to have seen stronger examples here.

Offers a mature and easy to understand approach to dating.

Provides a lot of specific examples of what to say and do for most sections.

There's also a section at the end here where you're taught how to develop your own conversation starters, based around where you're most likely to meet women.

There's a number of different places mentioned as to where you might meet a woman, but it would've been good to show more examples of how to craft conversation starters for specific situations.

Especially for beginners, this is strongly recommended.

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