Double your dating cocky comedy

now i feel like i will continue to watch it because of the story, just the story! Their childhood is catching my attention so that is why. Lol I have watched a lot of K-dramas with eye candy, but they weren't that popular. The constant flashback to the leads' childhood is slightly excessive though in my opinion.

@giana..she is....i really feel sad because ji hoo dying so young :(.sad for se hee ............ Eye candy is not enough to get high ratings, there must be more factors that attract viewers. Don't you watch My Love From The Star, Descendant Of The Sun, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Goblin, ?? i've been watch k dramas since 2013 AND THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA OF ALL TIME. the plot,the chemistry, so fun,makes you giggle, PERFECT!!!!!!!

Lee Young-Joon's family runs a large company and he works as the vice-president of the company. I noticed that close-ups are focused only on the left side of Kim Mi So, I find it strange, why always left side for close-ups? I love this drama....everything is amazing about this drama Like all actors, their acting, storyline, music and spcly chemistry between lead actors daebak??

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But in this drama the chemistry is reciprocal and very beautiful, really not in every drama I have seen the chemistry between leads so great as in this drama. this drama have such good flow since the first episode until now .... fighting WHATS WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM CAST AND CREW ..... so many scenes that the leads have eye to eye contact but i don't know...sometimes i don't feel the energy/connection. These 2 leads have done pretty Well This drama adopts a cliched plot in a comedic way, unlike some cliched k dramas that are just cliched.

Hope main leads will have the opportunity to collaborate again in the future Im from the Philippines and I am Kdrama Addict, in fact i didn't watch our own drama here because i was in my room watching kdramas. It definitely has a good story, kudos to the writer but why do i feel like that the lead characters here has no chemistry? Sandara-oh, really you think that this drama is popular because of the eye candy? I love PMY especially in Queen for 7 days for me she's at her best in that drama. A very lighthearted drama with a great cast that's just a pleasure to watch.

I would not say that this is a must watch drama, but I found it worthy to watch. But still I realised that the chemistry between the leads doesn't work as well as I anticipated. I was hoping we'll get a more deeper reason behind her kidnapping the kids tho.

this drama is so AMAZING.....i just smile while watching this drama..know when we are so stressed out with our job and then watch this kind of drama.. At the first few episodes, I suddenly felt like dropping this drama because it felt like I wouldn't contain the next episodes because of Young-Joon, Miso, and Sung-Yeon's past and such.

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