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Words like "handicapped" or "mental retardation" are obviously hideous, so I believe probably the best name for this site might not include ANY of these words (unless in an acronym perhaps).

For this reason I believe something like "yellow ball" might be a great name for such a site - then on the front page it could have a little slogan: "the only networking site for people with learning difficulties".

The rest of the information could be simply typed eg: "My husband and I have a wonderful son with down-syndrome and hoping to find other parents with similar children to socialize with"'.

Aside from the fact you'd have two profile pictures appear (one of the dependent, one of the carers), it would be similar to a normal dating site. Although "disabled" is the most scientific world to use it seems cold: lesser-abled, differently-abled, special, disadvantaged or learning difficulties are much nicer.

Indeed there are a few offenders why may try to victimise intellectually and/or physically handicapped people in their nearby area, hence it's important the carer is involved to employ commonsense.

The questions asked of the diabled person must also be sensate, rather than ask for "severity of disability", a better phrase might be "level of independence" from low to high.

The idea is for a free networking and dating site specifically for people with intellectual disability/learning difficulties AND their carers.

Originally I thought such a site should be for people with physical disabilities too, however since I had this idea I've noticed quite a few dating sites now exist for physically disabled people, especially those in wheelchairs, however the needs for those with learning difficulties is very different indeed.

For a while there was a social group she joined of younger people, and that was great, but now she's 28 and I know, chances are she'll never find love.

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