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Obviously, it would not have been successful if you had wept violently and hung on the neck of your lover, saying, "I think I'll die if you don't marry me! I need the money so badly and I've only had two sales so far this week.

If you turn me down, I think I'll go straight out and kill myself!

The agony inflicted by divorce cannot be overstated.

A recent study done by sociologists at Rutgers University concluded that the institution of marriage itself appears to be dying.

I shudder to contemplate what life will be like (and how children will suffer) if the researchers prove to be right!

It has been my observation that the way the committed partner responds at that vital juncture will determine whether the marriage will survive or succumb. Only those who have been rejected by a beloved spouse can fully comprehend the tidal wave of pain that crashes into one's life when a relationship ends. Surprising to some, the desire for sex is not the primary motivator in such situations.

Something much more basic is operating below the surface.

Nothing is more inspirational than the uniting of two unique and divergent personalities in a marital commitment that will last for a lifetime, with God's help.

Who can comprehend this mysterious bonding that enables a man and woman to withstand the many storms of life and remain best friends to the end of their lives together?The inability to talk to one another is a symptom of a deeper problem, but it is not the cause itself.The critical element is the way a husband or wife begins to devalue the other and their lives together.You had to lure, attract, charm and encourage him or her. Coercing and manipulating a potential marriage partner is like high-pressure tactics by a used car salesman.This subtle game of courtship had to take place one delicate step at a time. What do you think he would accomplish by telling a potential customer through his tears, "Oh, please, buy this car!Begging, pleading, crying, hand-wringing and playing the role of the doormat are equally destructive.

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