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The Hamman Dresden crown was registered in the RWZR under number 27 All the above studios were decorating porcelain in the meissen or vienna style; and marking their pieces with the sam dresden crown mark.

The dresden collector will find it quite impossible to identify the exact origin of wares produced at this time.

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Dresden decorators were the first and most successful to employ the style on dinnerware decorated with elaborate and fanciful designs using a profusion of foliage, flowers, fruits, shells and scrolls.

Between 18, Dresden housed over 200 painting shops; but the dresden style is always associated with wares bearing the blue crown mark first registered by Richard Klemm, Donath & Co., Oswald Lorenz, and Adolph Hamann in 1883 and the type of wares they produced.

Dresden Porcelain is often confused with Meissen porcelain, but only because Meissen blanks were used initially.

However, Dresden porcelain refers more to an artistic movement than a particular porcelain company In fact, several competing ceramic studios emerged under the Dresden umbrella, particularly in the Saxony capital in response to the rise of romanticism during the 19th century.

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Dresden Porcelain - Pottery Mark Query:- I was given a complete set (12) of Dresden china.

All of which were decorating porcelain in the Meissen style and a large percentage of the porcelain was produced by the Meissen factory.

Most of it being seconds, sold in the white, that didn’t pass the Meissen factory quality control.

Dresden was an important centre for the artistic, cultural and intellectual movement, and it attracted painters, sculptors, poets, philosophers and porcelain decorators alike.

It was not the porcelain factories but the painting studios that were responsible for Dresden Porcelain being so well known all over the world.

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