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If you have general questions on how to do this, please post a question to the Drupal Accessibility Group.

The Drupal community is generally quite responsive to constructive user feedback, so do let us know what we can do to make it work better for you.

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D7AX on the download page means the developer of that module has followed our resources for developing accessible modules.

So they have done all they know to ensure that their modules and the content produced by them are accessible. Each D7AX developer is eager to hear of your experience with their module, especially if you have identified an issue they did not recognize.

And through D7AX, we make it easy for you to find contributed modules and themes that also support the development of accessible websites.

Look for the D7AX hashtag on the page of each module you download for your site.

The Drupal accessibility community will be involved in adopting best practices in Drupal 8 as they evolve.

Get started by downloading the official Drupal core files.

We've added some additional support for Rich Internet Applications by adding some WAI-ARIA support.

There have been many improvements to both the visitor and administrator sides of Drupal, especially: As a developer, you can depend on Drupal itself to have the same features we support in sites created with Drupal.

Perhaps you can help them make a good module great!

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