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But these templates tend to become fixed in our fantasies when there have been difficulties and traumas.

When this happens the child in the mind of the adult continues to search for a parent whose love may have been mixed with either ill-treatment or with certain expectations of how they wanted their child to be.

He is over an hour late and has telephoned 'Dance Ticket' to explain he has been caught in traffic can she just hold on?

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The real danger in internet dating is that it encourages the ideal of the perfect match and reduces the complex business of building a relationship into a shopping exercise.

Dating is the new commodity with trial periods, exchanges and returns offered - but no refunds. Yeah, it sounds like E-Harmony won't refund Coline her membership fees ... How do you pit the female and male against each other ???????????????????????

Then he appears, throws his coat over a chair, orders a glass of wine for himself.

'Dance Ticket' is already on her second and, as his eyes flit to the other people talking in the bar, declares, "You're perfect! "The idee fixe of the perfect partner is fraught with problems and usually indicates someone who has idealised a parental figure and who is blindly and impulsively looking for a similar match.

My ex wife was supposedly raped back when she was in college, away on Spring Break...... I like the challenge, adrenaline rush (and reward of a great meal) of it.

apparently the life guard on the beach raped her.....she innocently went back to his hotel room to go watch Mr. Besides liking the outdoors and adverse weather conditions. In this case Do you target a market dealing with non online situations or online situations ?? Think about this, Whats happening in the world today.

Although romantic illusion does not only exist in cyberspace, the internet feeds people's desire for instant relationships and instant solutions and an instant fix.

The net effect is that there is increasing pressure amongst the dating culture to be able to find 'the one' for you by a few simple trawls through profiles intended to promote various fantasy scenarios.

What's your opinion on dangers of internet dating described below?

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