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They will only get the message when you take their licence, and maybe the phones from them I have quite a hard time listening to you on weekend ams on CFRB, as you don't seem to know your hx. I'm referring to your hate-on re Mr Trump, seeming approval of Clinton. Bill Clinto is a serial rapist, sexual abuser, pedophile, who allowed North Korea to get the Nuclear bomb. The 2 Clintons are pathological liars, will dosay anything for more moneypower.I really don't like either Trump or Clinton, but Clinton really scares me.I personally went from 220 pounds to 166 by following these methods. Mike Allen Hi guys, A few years ago, I stopped eating meat for about a year.

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Hi Paul, I agree with you 100 on how unfit Trump is for the presidency.

This is far beyond policy disagreements he truly is a disgusting person.

I am worried that Obama will say "to Hell with the Constitution" decide to go for a 3rd term.

He has already hinted @ that if you don't know that the elites that run this world ( the Media) have already established the NWO (as per Kissinger's book), then you are both very naive.

I agree totally, but it appears that the authorities do not, at least not yet.

Not enough bodies yet, although according to the OPP the count is 600 since 2009, when the law came into effect.

I personally went from 220 pounds to 166 by following these methods. Mike Allen Please tell me you have not been dropped again from 1010. How can they do this to you and all the folks that love listening to you Sat. Please drop me a line to let me know if you will return.

I don't starve myself and can still have as much junk food as I want on occasion, just not all the time. Sending my best wishes Pat Lawrie [email protected] Pat, We have had many emails like yours. We decided it was time to retire (for the time being) as we are very busy with The Motts Equestrian Centre.

I truly can't fathom how anyone can witness Trump's continual childish, boorish behavior total disrespect for others but still support him.

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