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Cyber bullying is a Crime Some forms of online bullying are considered criminal acts.Under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is a crime to communicate repeatedly with someone if your communication causes them to fear for their own safety or the safety of others.

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Some apps that have even amounts of DLs have drastically different populations. Not so much a marketplace or advertising platform (we're not Kijiji), and please, if you have an inquiry, try to google first or to check out the wiki https:// and the rules before posting here.

Ok Cupid seems to be popular, what are some others? Badoo is the highest rated on the Play store but all I remember hearing about it is privacy concerns, so I am not sure who to listen too- certainly not a blogger in Toronto who may or may not have been paid off.

' (Esp if you are looking to date outside of your age range?

)Some apps are bigger in different cities or have different demographics than in other places. I met my wife online and know a few people who have also met their SO's through dating apps/sites. If you market yourself as a someone who wants one night stands, those are the people who you will attract to your profile. I would much rather meet someone online than at a bar. I really liked it, and if people are trolling for tail, I'd like to see them having to pay for the opportunity. We encourage posts with Edmonton related original content, stories, news, events, hot discussion topics, and as a place to seek like minded others who may share your obscure interest or hobby.

Bullying is an age-old problem for students, but the anonymity of Internet communications is bringing the harmful practice of bullying online, as some kids are using these communication tools to intimidate and threaten others.

Because of this, many Internet Service Providers and social media sites are working to put a stop to this destructive behaviour.

An Edmonton doctor jailed for attempting to seek sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl over the Internet will soon be allowed to return to his profession. Michael Graff will be subject to a number of conditions — including ongoing monitoring — when he eventually resumes practising medicine, a hearing tribunal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta ruled Thursday.

In making its decision, the tribunal accepted a joint submission from college and defence lawyers that Graff’s remorse for his crime and his subsequent rehabilitation efforts warranted a second chance to work as a doctor.“This is not by any means meant to be a slap on the wrist,” college lawyer Craig Boyer told tribunal members. Graff has already had significant consequences to his life as a result of this incident.”The tribunal heard the former family physician has been through a number of psychological assessments that all found he was a low risk to reoffend.

Bullying involves minors on both sides, or at least has been instigated by a minor against another minor.

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