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I’ve contacted the company and no one will respond. I am told that they are not permitted to wear coats-unless they pay for a Food Lion hoodie. I understand that some parameters must exist for a dress code but in dangerously cold conditions can you REALLY not make an exception?

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The first store was called Food Town and it was located in Salisbury, North Carolina, where the headquarters still resides today.

The company name was changed to Food Lion in the early 1980s after the chain was acquired by Belgian grocer Delhaize.

I saw the manager stocking on the same row where the baking goods were.

I told him that I was glad to see him and asked for his help.

Question 1: What is the phone number for Food Lion? Tagged as: food lion corporate address, food lion corporate headquarters, food lion corporate office, food lion corporate office address, food lion corporate office email, food lion corporate office fax, food lion corporate office phone, food lion corporate office phone number, Food Lion Customer Complaint Desk, Food Lion Customer Complaints, food lion headquarters, food lion home office, food lion main office I won’t even step into a foodlion anymore since the way they treated my son when he was working there.

Answer 1: The phone number for Food Lion is (704) 633-8250. He is on disability and was working there thru a program.

only reason I didn’t do anything is because my son asked me not to because he was worried about the backlash he would get from the management there if I said anything. They don’t care about anybody, gotta make that money and if they kill a few people along the way so be it. Here in Manassas, VA it is currently 11 degrees at 430 in the afternoon.

I’m not going out that way and neither is my family or anyone else If I have anything to say about it!! So I’m hopeful this reaches someone at Foodlion or Reaches people in general as a warning about Foodlion….. Today I was in our local Food Lion where the cashiers were working close to the entrance/exit doors in long sleeved t-shirts and blue fingers.

Funny thing is he just got his evaluation and even though they state he was a QA and would never be nothing else it states there that he was great in grocery, fantastic on truck and blocking. You put these idiots in management and in a few months he looses his job. I’ve made sure to let people I know and who know my son what happened and they don’t shop there anymore either.

Nothing about QA except he helps to train those who come in to do that job. the 2 managers that were there that evening were wrote a letter from OSHA and given 7 days to get things in order. You got management that smoke pot, have run ins with the law, lock customers in overnight in the store, loose store keys. I could have really been hateful when I got food poison from there and sued the crap out of ya.

But my last visit is when he was so rude and disrespectful that I had to question him regarding his unwelcoming behavior.

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