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If my email was "too late", well I guess I get an Unread/Delete.

*shrugs* But I assume people have lives, with my emails, get back to me when you can and when you want to. Did you know that if you have a person on your 'favourites' list, then you can tell the last time they were online at Po F?

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So, if you see that they were online today and that they've read your email and haven't responded, I think that means they're not interested.

They could be taking some time to think about replying and I need to remember that my priorities are not their priorities!

Sometimes I just really don't feel like communicating, I might read but I don't answer right away.

I'm not going to -force- myself to do it and certainly not going to hold to someone else's idea of a proper time limit.

I have opened, read and then waited awhile to respond. I have a life and interests and yes, emails to answer.

Especially if I want to think about what my response is. Some people are busy, but I would say after 3 days, I don't think about getting any reply. I do try to answer every email I receive even if it's just quickie answer.

Talking about yourself, at this point, should be limited, and related to the person you're interested in.**Bonus advice: Never, for the love of god, describe yourself (whether in your profile, or in messages) as a "kick-ass" ANYTHING. A few years back, the OKCupid blog posted a really helpful index of what kinds of messages get responses — and which ones don't.

Let me tell you, nobody on that site is reading it. There's lots of good stuff here — write using real words and real sentences; don't compliment their looks up front; bring up specific interests.

AJ32Some people visit this site infrequently, so it could be minutes, hours, days or weeks before the recipient reads it. On the other hand, I have corresponded with others who were presently on line and they didn't respond quickly because they were busy with other members/forums.

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