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Forecasts indicate that the Kingdom will have to increase its generated power by 80 GWe by 2040." Saudi Arabia is unique in the region in having 60 Hz grid frequency, which severely limits the potential for grid interconnections – it has no electricity import or export.The Ministry of Water & Electricity (MOWE) is broadly responsible for power and desalination in the country.

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It is the main electricity producer and consumer in the Gulf States, with 338 TWh gross production in 2015, 150 TWh from oil and 189 TWh from gas.

It consumes over one-quarter of its oil production, and while energy demand is projected to increase substantially, oil production is not, and by 2030 a large proportion will be consumed domestically, much of it for electricity generation.

In August 2009 the Saudi government announced that it was considering a nuclear power program on its own, and in April 2010 a royal decree said: "The development of atomic energy is essential to meet the Kingdom's growing requirements for energy to generate electricity, produce desalinated water and reduce reliance on depleting hydrocarbon resources." The King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KA-CARE) was set up in Riyadh to advance this agenda as an alternative to oil and to be the competent agency for treaties on nuclear energy signed by the kingdom.

It is also responsible for supervising works related to nuclear energy and radioactive waste projects.

Phase 1 involves construction of two solar plants which will generate 10 MW of power for a 30,000 m/d RO desalination plant over three years to 2018, supplied by 15 MWe of polycrystalline PV.

The RO plant will have six trains, allowing best use of variable power input.They have total installed capacity of over 90 GWe, with a common grid apart from Saudi Arabia, though with negligible import and export.There is also a large demand for desalination, currently fuelled by oil and gas.Three sites were short-listed as of September 2013: Jubail on the Gulf; and Tabuk and Jizan on the Red Sea. In June 2011 the coordinator of scientific collaboration at KA-CARE said that it planned to construct 16 nuclear power reactors over the next 20 years at a cost of more than 300 billion riyals ( billion).These would generate about 20% of Saudi Arabia's electricity.) as plans shifted more to gas, so that it would increase its share from 50% to 70%.

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