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More » Proton Mail lets you use highly secure and anonymous email for free using capable mobile apps and an equally potent web interface.

The focus on encryption means your emails are safe from snooping, but it also means you cannot easily export them or access them using POP or IMAP.

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Its web interface offers no labels, for instance, no smart folders, and no message threading).

AOL Mail does make up for some of these shortcomings with functional IMAP (as well as POP) access. More » i Cloud Mail is a free email service from Apple (for anybody using an Apple device such as an i Phone or Mac computer) with ample storage, IMAP access, and an elegantly functional web application. Tested over time, it contains much that has proven useful: practically unlimited storage, for instance, custom folders and filters to automatically file emails in them. Mail is a joy to use overall, free-form labeling and smart folders would be nice additions, as would email templates or suggested replies. Mail's composition excels with stationery that is much more charming and classy than cheesy and rich editing with near-effortless emoji (as with instant messaging) access. Mail does lack in organization tools, its search engine is extra helpful: not only does it return results comprehensively and fast, but these are also grouped in useful a manner. Mail Review and find out how to get most out of it with these Yahoo! More » and GMX Mail are reliable email services filtered well of spam and viruses.

Its functions can be extended quite dramatically with add-ons – say, to categorize or, yes, schedule email, or to save message text online. More » i Gmail is Google's approach to email and instant messaging.

That means collecting lots and lots of emails (with ample, though not unlimited storage), then relying on search and sorting to find them again.

At the same time, Outlook Mail on the Web could be even smarter: it could suggest replies, for example, or include tools to postpone emails or schedule and track their delivery.

On the plus side, you can use Outlook Mail as your email hub on the web: it lets you access your other POP and IMAP accounts – including all folders for IMAP.

True to that proposition, Gmail categorizes emails automatically using tabs (Primary, Social, and Promotions among others) automatically and comes with powerful search tools, which also double as helpful filters. Its spam filter, of course, also profits from the email analytics smarts and is practically precise.

Gmail's web interface lets you see messages in the immediate context of their conversation and helps you jump over the answering hurdle with contextually appropriate answer snippets to get you started.

POP and IMAP access let you access your email with any email program or device.

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