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Self-paced degree options allow for 24/7 access to resources, and real-time programs offer a great balance of online and in-person engagement.

But otherwise, the reality is that professionals across all industries spend up to 30 percent of their day writing. The negative perception of English degrees as unsellable is wrong. As soon as I start to not like my job — or if I simply want to change paths — there is always that option.

That’s especially true if you’re selling your degree to a graduate program — many English majors pursue higher academics. An English degree always has kind of like an open invitation to pursue a higher degree.

I have great parents and they gave me great advice — advice that too few children get, I think.

They told me to follow my passions and not worry about how I would wrestle a job out of what I was interested in. Literature led to composition, composition led to creative writing and creative writing led to English writing. I can’t think of a more marketable skill than strong writing.

The reality is that most degrees don’t come with a ready-made job.

If you’re a specialist, there may be direct link between degree and employment — kind of like, I majored in engineering, and I got hired for an entry-level job with an engineering firm.

The CEA grants accreditation both in the United States and internationally.

There is a proven link between the level of student support and graduation rates.

With all these potential variations in mind, just about every online program in English should have certain primary characteristics – indicators of a quality higher educational opportunity.

When researching programs, keep the following elements front of mind.

Depending on the region of the country, or the type of school you choose, it should be accredited by an officially recognized body.

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