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Before her career as a sideline reporter and before her star-studded turn on Dancing with the Stars, Andrews combined those two passions at her college alma mater.

The clip above shows Andrews performing with the University of Florida "Dazzlers" (aka Gator basketball dance team).

The 28-year-old former NFL player confirmed that he is single and opened up about what he looks for in a partner.

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These two would create an actual Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews were reportedly dating in early 2011.

Unfortunately it didn't work out at the time, but the two remained friends.

Timberlake is a sports fanatic and he's got a thing for leggy blondes, which Ms. They would have very beautiful, very talented and very likable children.

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is the second-most eligible bachelor in New York sports.

Just a couple of months ago he was one of the most celebrated players in MLB and the MVP of the National League.

Today he's been tainted by a PED scandal, he may be stripped of his MVP title and he's been issued a 50-game suspension. That means he doesn't have any image problems that couldn't be remedied by a romance with good girl Erin Andrews, America's Sweetheart.

Well an unconventional Superman needs an unconventional Lois Lane; blondes have more fun anyway, right?

This coupling would be So, if Pau Gasol and Erin Andrews would create some buzz in Los Angeles, imagine the media firestorm that Blake Griffin and Erin Andrews would create. Blake Griffin is the official "It Guy" of the NBA and pairing him with the perennial "It Girl" of sports media would be glorious.

Sanchize has been linked with various broads since landing in The Big Apple, but nobody high-profile.

Recently there have been rumors that he may be dating model Kate Upton, but he's still officially single until they issue a joint press release.

As usual with the (understandably) very private Andrews, the details are vague, but the split probably had something to do with hectic schedules.

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