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When we arrived at THE door he opened it and nearly pushed me in. He said he signed up to be a volunteer at this teaching facility where they would use his body as an aid.

At least I think that is what was behind all those doors. I don’t know why or how the fuck I got myself into this situation. My friend, Eric, whom I met a few years ago was telling me how he fulfilled one of his naked fantasies.

It was 6am Tuesday and I was on the schedule for the next three days. I was so hard and dripping by the end of his story. To be naked and vulnerable at a fake doctor is hot. I had some idea what was going to happen from the stories I was told but knew every situation would be different.

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The man who would eventually disrobe me in front of a classroom of soon to be doctors.

I looked up toward the head of the classroom and there he was. The instructor was about 5 or less feet from the middle row. I walked forward meeting him right in the middle of the students.

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J9J1C2 Gatineau Riverfest July 28, 2018 Paddle or Float in a Flotilla down the Gatineau River (shuttle provided) Then relax with Drinks, Food, Live Music & Entertainment for the whole family! As it began to get hard he dropped the robe over it. I felt the blood rush to my head and then quickly out of it as I leaped to my feet. I was horny again on the third day and masturbated at home before I went in. My mind was so concentrated on the fact that he was still holding me - more firmly now as he used my erection as an object for instruction. For a good 30 minutes my cock stood straight up, exposed to the entire room. Needless to say I was right back in that stall taking care of business before the remaining rounds. I still use this experience to masturbate sometimes. "Alright, just as I explained before you will each have a chance to do this examination." "Please stand up," he motioned to me. I could not believe how squeamish some of these future doctors were! His hand cupped my balls as he spoke to the students. You have to get used to it because it happens.” They discussed what to do in this instance. I could not, no matter what horrible or disgusting thing I thought about, control it. You did good though." I nodded still a little bit nervous. Every hour our so there will be 4 to 5 sundents and an instructor that will enter the room and use it and you as a teaching aide. I was totally exposed but instinctively grabbed hold of my gown so he didnt have to. It didn't help that the top of the gown was sliding down my shoulders. I don't think she had ever handled a mans junk before, I swear. I looked down at him as he attempted to perform the exam. I stayed naked whole time sitting on the crinkly paper, looking into all the drawers in the room until my handler walked in on me. I knew the moment he touched it I would be in trouble. I thought about my erection swinging side to side as I was probed. It was all so hot and too much - I exploded all over the stall missing the toilet completely. I would like to say that the next two days were just a repeat of the first day but it, unfortunately wasn’t. He went on with the exam lifting my gown high up to my abs. I was trying VERY hard not to get an erection as I felt my balls being carrassed. Then she awkwardly squeezed my balls and played with my penis. The future doctors left and I was alone again for the next 20 minutes.. His finger probed in and out and around trying to locate my prostate. I knew that I didn't have any unpleasantness because I had made sure that I was clean before I left the house. I thought about the humiliation of having my anus exposed to them, about not having a say in the fact that I would be fingered over and over again in front of them. ‘One day down and two to go’ was the theme of my singing as I drove back home. First my shirt, then my socks and shoes, my pants and then, with a deep breath, my underwear. “You need to do something about that.” He pointed at my cock. “That’s better,” he said as he tied the back of the gown. You know the ones, blue with those grips on the bottom. I had no idea I would be paraded naked in a real classroom though.

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