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The overwhelming majority of Europeans belong to the G2a subclade, and most northern and western Europeans fall more specifically within G2a-L140 (or to a lower extend G2a-M406).

Almost all G2b (L72 , formerly G2c) found in Europe are Ashkenazi Jews.

Stone awls, which could have been used to perforate hides, and scrapers that were useful in preparing hide, wood, and other materials, were also typical tools of the Middle Stone Age.

Here, the term ‘Middle Stone Age’ includes a variety of toolkits from Africa and also the toolkits usually referred to as the Middle Paleolithic in Europe.

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The G2a branch expanded to Anatolia, the Caucasus and Europe, while G2b diffused from Iran across the Fertile Crescent and east to Pakistan.

It is now found mostly among Lebanese and Jewish people, but also at low frequency in the Arabian peninsula, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Distribution of haplogroup G in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East Distribution map of haplogroup G2a-L497 in Europe Distribution map of haplogroup G2a-U1 in Europe Distribution map of haplogroup G2a-M406 in Europe Distribution map of haplogroup G2a-L293 in Europe If you are new to genetic genealogy, please check our Introduction to phylogenetics to understand how to read a phylogenetic tree.

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