Ex is dating someone new

But, this is yet another avenue you don’t want to venture down.As I’ve already mentioned, knowing all the intimate details of their relationship is only going to delay your healing process.

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clients: As soon as they find out their ex is seeing someone else, they feel a compulsive need to break the 6 month ‘no contact’ rule I advised them to practice to help them heal from the break-up.

“He just needs to know how hurt I am by this,” is what they’ll often tell me.

Right now, you’re feeling incredibly raw and your emotions and modes of expression are going to be much more extreme than usual.

Tell yourself that you can send the email to your ex in a month’s time – and I can almost guarantee that by the time a month rolls around and you re-read it, you’ll cringe and wince and be over the moon that you didn’t send it out of impulse.

But this I can guarantee: the less you know, the better.

You are powerless over their relationship, so why keep beating yourself up by obsessing over what you can’t change? Remove the temptation to stalk by blocking both of them as soon as possible.Below is a list of five things I committed to NOT doing after I found out my ex was in a new relationship.Because when it comes to break-ups, we tend to regret what we did do more than what we didn’t.It will lower your self-esteem significantly and tempt you to go down the god-awful compare and despair rabbit-hole within a matter of clicks.I think the reason we all fall into this trap is that it gives us a weird sense of power to know exactly who this new person is, and how you match up in comparison.If you’re ever in the same position yourself I suggest you give them a go – they really do help get you through this horrible period!

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