Excel pivot table not updating Why chatrandom is taking streamate

To develop the estimates, she imports last year’s reseller sales data and adds a Pivot Table.

She finds the Sales Amount field in the Reseller Sales table and drags it to the VALUES area of the Pivot Table Fields list.

Measures, also known as measures in Power Pivot in Excel 2013, are calculations used in data analysis.

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Moreover, they can be extended to become a KPI, or formatted using one of the many strings available for numeric data.

Context menu commands for Create KPI and Format are only available when you are using an explicit calculated field.

Because she prefers to have the measure in a different table, she edits the measure to change its table association.

Very quickly and with minimal effort on her part, the sales manager has the basic information in place.

It is also added to the table that is currently active in the Pivot Table Fields list.

The table provides a location for the measure in the workbook.

Because implicit measures are generated by Excel, you might not be aware that a new measure has been created.

But if you examine the VALUES list closely, you will see that the Sales Amount field is actually a measure named Sum of Sales Amount and appears with that name in both the VALUES area of the Pivot Table Fields list, and on the Pivot Table itself.

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