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Notes: The original Tamagotchi was a virtual pet created in Japan by Akihiro Yokoi of Wi Z Co. It had one baby character, one toddler character, two teen characters, and seven adult characters, for a total of 11 characters.

It was released in Japan in 1996, then in America and Europe in 1997.

Notes: The Tamagotchi Generation Two is very similar to Generation One in terms of programming.

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One of the adult characters was a "secret" character, which could eventually appear from one of the other adult characters if given a certain level of care.

The screen of the device featured a 16 x 32 squared dot matrix where the character was displayed.

Notes: The Mesutchi and Osutchi were released in December of 1997 in Japan only.

They feature interlocking mating using the same interlocking technology that Digimon used to connect, in which the tops of each Tamagotchi would lock together so that they could communicate with each other.

The caretaker then has to lower the weight of the Tamagotchi by playing the game before normal functions may resume. Tamagotch, commonly referred to as the Mori no Tamagotch, was released in February 1998 with four different designs.

It was scheduled for release in America as "Tamagotchi Garden" but was not released.I also have a V5 tamagotchi who is an adult and the dating show just won't work!Unfortunately before your tamagotchi can start dating, marrying and (it's true this actually happens) having babies, you have to wait an additional two days!The spotted egg always changes into "Kabutchi", the stag beetle, where the goal is to make your pet as large as possible (a "length" meter is displayed to track this). Tamagotch (Tamagotchi Ocean in America), often referred to as the Umi no Tamagotch, was released in March 1998 in Japan in four different colors.It was also released in the United States in 1998 in four colors (though they were different from the Japan colors).This Tamagotchi introduced the "predator" function also used in the later Umi de Hakken! Occasionally a predator attacks, and the care taker has to use the sound-sensitive functions introduced in the Angelgotchi by shouting or tapping at the screen to frighten away the attacker.

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