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Iceland- It's all about the body confidence- nudity is encouraged- so skin to the wind.

Icelandic people don't date before having sex- it's the other away around.

An old saying once suggested that couples in Finland only tell their partner that they love them on their wedding day and on their death bed.

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Lithuania- Table manners are of the upmost importance here so no sloppiness when in a restaurant and also not public displays of affection- it lacks tact.

Poland- Polish women are known for being quite stubborn so the men often have to agree to their terms.

Norway- The weather is a great ice breaker here if you are stuck for date conversation- they thrive on eye contact and men appear to be quite shy here- but they are simply respectful of women.

Ireland- Dates usually take place in bars here so expect a to get drunk.

Albania- Sex before marriage is a no no as are public displays of affection.

The Xhiro is where people parade around a closed boulevard checking each other out each evening.

Latvia- Flowers are never given in odd numbers to dates as this is seen as a sign of morning.

A handshake with eye contact is preferable when meeting up with people for dates.

If there is as break up and one wants the other to return, they will tie a handkerchief to a tree as they are thought to be magical.

Greece- People with strong family values are favoured above those who lack this and men are expected to woo women here.

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